IT is a world leader in the shore end protection of fiber optic and power transmission cables. With the latest iteration of the N-Pipe product line, IT Engineers have applied lessons-learned in the field to the development of the latest evolution in ductile iron products. Combining years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of N-Pipe, IT has taken its patented N-Pipe technology to the next level.

IT N-Pipe is designed so that each segment consists of two identical and completely interchangeable components. These pieces easily snap together prior to bolting, avoiding hard to install ‘A’ and ‘B’ side components. Not only has this breakthrough facilitated ease of shipping and storage of N-Pipe, it has also greatly simplified installation by divers in low visibility submarine environments and at shore ends.

N-Pipe combines time-tested quality and efficiency of installation for significant cost savings while setting the industry standard for shore end cable protection.

pdfN-Pipe - Marketing Spec Sheet V122

 - IT International Telecom Inc.