Management Team

Mr. J.M. (Mike) Kennah

Mr. Kennah has been in the submarine cable industry for over forty years. After graduating from university with a degree in Marine Sciences he started immediately in the submarine cable industry utilizing his background in marine sciences as well as his commercial diving operations experience.  Since then he has been involved in all aspects of the industry including marine survey, route engineering, installation and cable maintenance and has worked on over fifty international cable systems. Today Mr. Kennah is involved in overall corporate affairs and heads the Operations department of IT International Telecom.
Mr. John Graham
Executive Vice President

Mr. Graham is a founder and currently the Co-President of IT International Telecom, a company he established in 1995 to provide a private and manufacturer neutral company to service the submarine cable market. He is responsible for all accounting, marketing, sales, computer networks, risk management as well as contractual and legal services. Mr. Graham is also an executive of other related IT International Telecom companies. Mr. Graham has played a key role in the continued development of the business by focusing on industry relationships and promoting company flexibility in response to a demanding marketplace. He has a proven executive management track record and close to 30 years of experience driving sales growth in the information technology industry.
Mr. Paul Kravis
Vice President

Mr. Kravis has over 30 years of experience working in the telecommunications industry covering medium to large multi-national corporations in the oil and gas, marine telecom, power industries and government organizations dating back to 1984. Key areas of business have included telecommunications infrastructure for terrestrial networks including telephony and data systems, microwave radio, satellite and sub-sea fiber optic and power cable projects. Mr. Kravis has brought a great strength in Business Development, Marketing and Finance to IT International Telecom, combined with strategic management skills and style.  Currently Mr. Kravis is responsible for the planning and development of the marketing and business development plans, overseeing direct sales and commercial functions, all inbound RFP/RFQ requirements, and all commercial contractual negotiations for all business sectors within IT International Telecom. Mr. Kravis has been instrumental in consistently directing sales for the company in excess of $50 million annually.
Ms. Nancy Poirier
P. Eng., Vice President, Planning and Cable Engineering

Ms. Poirier has been in the submarine cable industry since 1993. She started as an engineer, designing subsea equipment such as passive branching units and IT’s famous N-Pipe, patented articulated pipe. Ms. Poirier became an expert cable engineer, engineering the routes of numerous submarine cable systems throughout the world. Ms. Poirier ran the Cable Engineering as well as the Project Management Departments for IT for many years and has been Vice President, Planning and Cable Engineering since 2012. In that role, Ms. Poirier facilitates the identification of strategic priorities, providing corporate awareness, leadership and guidance for IT’s asset and resource allocation. She continues to keep IT in a leader role in cable engineering, heading the only Cable Route Survey by Cable People group in the industry. With IT since its establishment, Ms. Poirier has been ancillary to IT policy making and the development of the industry recognized quality status of IT.
Mr. Tom Chinappi
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Chinappi is a member of the Quebec Order of Chartered Professional Accountants.  He began his career as an Auditor with a Montreal based Chartered Accounting firm. Over the past thirty years Mr. Chinappi has held increasingly more important roles, in the manufacturing/distribution sectors, where he honed his abilities in, Finance, Strategic Planning, Corporate Affairs, Production/Operations Management, Client Negotiations and Human Resources. Mr. Chinappi brings to IT International Telecom multifaceted management skills making him the key strategic financial resource as part of the Senior Management team. Mr. Chinappi is currently responsible for corporate financing, maintaining relationships with legal and accounting firms and financial institutions.  Mr. Chinappi also participates in strategic planning and high level negotiations with respect to awarded projects.
Ms. Louise Thivierge
CPA CGA – General Manager

Ms. Thivierge has over thirty years of experience working in the telecommunications industry. She has an MBA degree from McGill University in Montreal and is a Certified Professional Accountant. Ms. Thivierge has worked with offshore international companies in both Barbados and Bermuda for twenty years:  Teleglobe Cantat-3 (Barbados), Tata Communications (Bermuda), Call-Net Barbados (Sprint Canada) and joined I.T. International Telecom Marine SRL in 2011. Since 1995, Ms. Thivierge’s primary focus has been to set up and operate the international business corporation in Barbados and in Bermuda. In Barbados, two Canadian telecommunications organizations that are selling transatlantic cable facilities and international telecom services and in Bermuda, for Tata Communications. This necessitated taking all the appropriate initiatives to start the businesses and to interface and work effectively with and through the local communities, to liaise with customers in more than fifteen countries worldwide as well as the representatives of cable holding companies in Canada, USA and Europe.
Mr. Gilles Limoges
Director Corporate Affairs

Mr. Limoges has over forty years of experience in the telecommunications industry, covering terrestrial and subsea fiber optic/power systems, microwave, satellite, construction and the oil and gas, specializing in commercial contracts, risk management and dispute resolution. Mr. Limoges joined IT International Telecom in 1999 as Director of Contracts and Risk Management. In 2010, he became a Senior Advisor and mentor to the personnel of the Contracts and Risk Management Department, a position he still holds today. In this capacity he is involved in all IT International Telecom’s business transactions. Strong from his legal background and answering directly to the owners, he also advises senior management on corporate matters and is the lead player in the resolution of any contractual dispute that may arise in the course of conducting business. Mr. Limoges was also instrumental in the acquisition of IT International Telecom’s two cable ships, IT Intrepid (2005) and IT Interceptor (2008). Prior to joining IT International Telecom, Mr. Limoges worked for Teleglobe Canada for twenty five years during which time he headed the Contracts and Purchasing Departments.
Mr. Stephen Arsenault
Director, Global Submarine Solutions

Mr. Arsenault joined IT International Telecom in 2012 and has over a decade of experience working in the offshore oil and gas and submarine telecommunications industries. Mr. Arsenault brings a wealth of knowledge to the IT Group having begun his career as a surveyor with Subsea 7, later moving onshore working on the development of high accuracy marine surface positioning systems with C+C Technologies, Inc. Prior to his current role as Director of Global Submarine Solutions, Mr. Arsenault also served onboard IT International Telecom’s cable ships as a surveyor and Marine Maintenance Coordinator.    Currently, Mr. Arsenault manages technical sales and bidding functions within IT International Telecom, responding to RFP’s and orchestrating customized technical and commercial solutions for each customer and project. Mr. Arsenault works closely with all IT International Telecom management and operations personnel, bringing to bear IT’s submarine survey and installation assets and developing strategic approaches for successful project delivery. Mr. Arsenault is a graduate of Mount Allison University, the Centre of Geographic Sciences, and numerous technical courses on global navigation satellite systems, inertial navigation systems, and submarine cable route engineering.
Mr. Paul Marshall
B.Sc., MCP, MCTS - Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Mr. Marshall has twenty-five years of experience and successful consulting in the IT Communications and Services sector and has led one of the top IT Services and Solutions companies in the English speaking Caribbean. Mr. Marshall has held responsibility for IDB and CDB projects worth $400 Million. Other consultancies include the oversight and project management of a thirteen country, wide area network (WAN).  His experience includes working with clients throughout the Caribbean, United Kingdom and North America. Mr. Marshall has served as Director of Constellation Software SRL (Barbados), a leading Global Group, holding many subsidiaries throughout the world. During this time Mr. Marshall was also Director of Research and Development for several of the global subsidiary companies of the Constellation Group. At I.T. International Telecom Marine SRL, Mr. Marshall’s primary area of focus as Vice President of Sales and Marketing is expanding the business into new markets and establishing mutually beneficial alliances with other enterprises.
Mr. Greg Stoner

Director, Project Operations

Mr. Stoner is a Professional Engineer and Project Management Professional who has been in the Marine Installation Sector for the entirety of his career.  He graduated with an Honours Degree in Naval Architecture with Ocean Engineering and has since worked in many capacities while obtaining experience in all phases of large scale projects. Mr. Stoner started his career in the Oil and Gas Industry as a Field Engineer where he spent close to 1000 days offshore gaining the practical experience he still relies on today.   He quickly progressed through to Senior Project Engineer and eventually Project Manager where he gained a deep understanding of project planning, execution, procurement and the commercial aspects of the business. Mr. Stoner now holds the role of Director of Project Operations where he oversees a multi-disciplinary team.

Mr. Adam Kepa

Director of Projects

Mr. Kepa comes from a Civil Engineering background and has been involved in Project Management at IT for over 12 years. Throughout his career, Mr. Kepa built an impressive track record leading the delivery of several projects across numerous industries. He was a significant contributor in helping IT penetrate breakthrough markets such as the renewable energy sector and deep-water Permanent Reservoir Monitoring installations. In his role as Senior Project Manager, Mr. Kepa cultivated key relationships with industry leaders from all levels of management which continue to be essential in today’s complex project environments. A graduate from McGill University, he subsequently completed numerous technical management courses while continuously improving his knowledge as project specialist for submarine cable systems. As Director of Projects, Mr. Kepa leads IT’s project management team and ensures that the company’s program objectives are successfully met.